ServeAce Tennis Practice Fence

The ServeAce tennis practice fence

The ServeAce® Tennis Practice Fence has been developed as a much simpler alternative to the conventional block or brick tennis practice wall.

Simple in design and construction it can easily be installed as an integral part of the fence line of existing or new build tennis courts, providing a high quality practice facility within any tennis court or play area or as a standalone facility outside the court area. The white line denotes the top of the tennis net and the space between the red and white line is the optimum strike zone.

Robust and rigid in construction, it provides a practice/warm up aid for players of all ages and abilities and is suitable for tennis clubs, tennis and sports centres, schools, public and private courts and resorts. It provides an instant virtual playing partner for anyone wanting to practice and is a valuable aid to coaches who can demonstrate and assess racquet technique and performance at close hand to groups or individuals whilst on court.

See ServeAce in Action on YouTube

See ServeAce in Action on YouTubeOur video clip shows how versatile and useful the ServeAce product is.

Easily integrated into existing perimeter fences, the product makes better use of the valuable space you have available.

Exclusive to JB Corrie

Manufactured exclusively in the UK by JB Corrie and Co Ltd. JB Corrie can install ServeAce® directly and also supply it to selected UK tennis court contractors authorised to install the product.

We use the ServeAce Tennis Practice Fence regularly and find it a great asset as both a warm up and practice aid for all the family. It blends in very well with the rest of the Tennis Court. We are delighted we chose to have it installed.

Mrs S Milliken -Smith, Surrey